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  • Ideas change the world
  • Better investing drives a better future
  • My investment decisions can make a positive impact

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Physis - Φύσις in ancient Greek indicates ‘the world of life on our Earth’. A Physiser is one who believes that progress of humankind and economic growth can only be achieved by respecting the environment and people.

In the Fall of 2018, a group of Harvard students got together driven by one mission: to use social media to bring greater awareness to the benefits of sustainable investment. Sustainable investment has been shown to outperform the market and has the added benefit of being a concrete solution to fight global environmental and social challenges.

The #Physiser events are designed to empower people to promote sustainable investing as a concrete solution to fight global challenges.
Sustainable investing can help fix global environmental and social challenges by directing money flows toward companies offering sustainable services and products.
The best thing a human being can do is help another human being know more

Charlie Munger, Berkshire


Stephen Snider

Stephen is committed to telling stories of people and companies that are fighting climate change and driving a positive change around the world.

Nancy Tanguay


Interested in the intersection of sustainability and finance, Nancy believes that investing in the companies offering sustainable solutions is the best way to solve our global challenges.

Janet Conroy


Janet is passionate about creating awareness for a circular process of recycling clothes, in order to lessen their environmental impact on our landfills.

Tian Wei


Tian is using design as a tool to achieve far-reaching positive social and ecological effects and to bring awareness to the public on sustainability-related issues.

Sofia Borges

Sofia believes in the power of the triangle technology, sustainability and investments. She wants to help millennials have a big positive impact on the world

Emeritus Physisers

Stefania Di Bartolomeo

CEO at PhysisInvest

Stefania believes that if we combine sustainable principles and investing, we can create an enormous impact and generate long-lasting value.

David Havelick

Sustainability Manager at Harvard

David believes that a move toward plant-based foods is a crucial part of our journey toward a sustainable future.